West: The Path of Water

I have my own particular sorrows,
loves, delights; and you have yours.
But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love,
belong to all of us, in all times and in all places.
Music is the only means whereby
we feel these emotions in their universality.

~H.A. Overstreet

Music is Magic, affecting emotions like few other things can. My preferences run a very eclectic range; these are some of my favorites.


Filk music is science fiction & fantasy folk music, although it has expanded from that original definition to include most science and computer geekery. "Fire in the Sky" is a classic filk song, most recently from the To Touch the Sky CD put out by Prometheus Music. This song is guaranteed to make me cry every time. I can no longer listen to it in the car. This video accentuates that response.

Fire in the Sky written by Jordin Kare (bridge by Kristoph Klover),
arranged and sung by Kristoph Klover, video by Vu Trong Thu

Julia Ecklar

Tim Minchin

S.J. Tucker

CDs and mp3s from these musicians can be found at my Amazon Associates store, or at their websites.