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Sacred Rope (Shimekazari)

inspired by the prompt at
Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Carpe Diem #642, Sacred Rope (Shimekazari)

welcoming the year
braided rope over doorways
protecting the home

In addition to Chèvrefeuille’s description of Shimekazari, I found this article on the Japanese Beliefs Behind Shimenawa.

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  1. Gorgeous and very unique take on Sacred Rope Blossom. If Sacred Ropes protects the home … than I wouldn’t remove the Shimekazari … no evil comes through the door only joy and happiness.

  2. Everyone needs home protection. These days, most people trust the insurance companies!

    Ordinary Rope

  3. Love to have protection.. a good start of a new year.

  4. Very well done. And rope is cheaper than a security system.

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